5. Enough is Enough

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Beyond the Boundaries
Barnsey is that you? David?

Barnsey is that you? David?

The Reds team squeezed through the gateway in the Clayton oval fence, and fanned onto the ground as the opposition team completed their warm-up laps. From the opening bounce, the pattern of Reds’ game unveiled an all-too-familiar style.

Snow was his usual wayward self. After completely misjudging his leap at the centre bounce, he staggered across to the fence on the far wing, and threw his guts up over the railing, throat-blending two Clayton Pub, Friday night, lounge bar ‘Special’ schnitzels into a bubble-and-squeak pizza base on the gravel track.

Stan shifted Snow into the forward line, then into the backline. He eventually placed Snow back into the ruck when he realised Reds were a man short in the centre square.

The opposition full-back smacked Deery (Reds’ full-forward) behind the ear early in the first quarter. Deery abused the umpire for missing the incident (referring to him as female genitalia bereft of a brain and vision [“You dumb blind CUNT!”]) and, from that point on, refused to try.

Deery’s team-mates started the name-calling.

“You’re a fucking big sook.”
“Stop being such a fucking cry-baby.”

Deery’s behaviour only worsened.

“You can all go and get fucked, the lot of youse.”

Deery folded his arms, and leaned his frame into the goal post like a disinterested town bike sitting on the front porch of Cliff and Zeta Kelly’s house.


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