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AAP Rooters

After going back through many lengthy witty exchanges (threads) on Twitter between @Corpse_in_Pads and @NeilHarveyRants (and others involved), it occurred to me that a publication based upon the best Twitter Cricket Parody tweets had merit.  It was conditional on Twitter’s master cricket Photoshop expert @notdavidwarner coming on board, and that deal is already secured.  Here is a sample of his sublime work:

Apart from #escapegoat the best cricket hashtag is #BloodyHopeless.  #escapegoat has been relegated to chapter title status.

It was a no-brainer when it came to the title of the publication; it had to be #BloodyHopeless – The History of Cricket in Tweets.  Usually, when writing a book, the title is little more than a working title; subject to change throughout the process. It’s rare to have the title settled before the book is written.

Yesterday, I took a JetStar flight from Melbourne to Sydney (for the first and…

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